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Have questions?    Please contact 

Francene Barno at 814-736-3513 (leave message) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Friday 5-8 PM (optional), Saturday 10 AM-8 PM & Sunday 9 AM-6 PM

The non-refundable exhibitor’s fee of $70 for each 10x10 foot space must be paid in advance with the reservation form, hold harmless agreement, and contract. ALL 3 forms MUST be included or space will not be reserved. Electric hookup is $10 EXTRA and must be paid in advance. Spaces are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Hours are Friday 5-8 PM (optional), Saturday 10 AM-8 PM and Sunday 9 AM-6 PM – early departure on either day without the approval of the Portage Area Summerfest Inc. Committee will cause forfeiture of same location for the following year (early departure for severe weather conditions is excluded).

Exhibitors retain all proceeds from individual sales and are responsible for their own sales tax, tables, chairs and canopy/easy-up. Canopy/easy-up larger than 10x10 foot will require additional space with additional fee. 

All articles for sale must be handmade!! Food and refreshments will be sold throughout the park.

Safety is our primary concern; please be considerate of your fellow craft vendors and event attendees. Please keep the main aisles and exhibitor entrances into the table areas clear at all times. Please stay within the confines of your rented space and do not overlap into the next space or the aisle.

If you wish to leave your merchandise over night, there will be limited security both day and night. However, Portage Area Summerfest Inc. and Crichton McCormick Park cannot be held responsible for vandalism, theft, fire, or any other accidents that may occur during this event.

Due to the expanded Friday evening venue including live music on the upper tennis court, set up time will be Friday after 1 PM or Saturday before 8 AM. Please stop near the pool entrance or at the Information Booth and someone will be available to show you to your designated area. Opening for sales Friday evening is your choice and is not required.

Vehicles can be at your exhibit location to unload/load only and must be parked in the designated Craft Vendor Parking locations by 9:30 AM Saturday and 8:30 AM Sunday. A Craft Vendor Parking permit you will be provided upon arrival must be visible on the dashboard of your vehicle at all times while in Crichton McCormick Park.

If you need help during this event, please contact one of the uniformed Security guards or a Portage Area Summerfest Inc. Committee member. Portage Area Summerfest Inc. Committee members will be wearing Portage Area Summerfest Committee shirts.

No pets, skateboards, or bicycles are permitted in the park during the festival.

NOTICE: Checks returned to Portage Area Summerfest Inc. for insufficient funds or stoppage of payment will be charged an additional fee. Money orders only will be accepted for all future transactions. Legal action will be taken for any funds and fees not paid within 30 days of Portage Area Summerfest Inc. providing notice of the returned/stopped check.

**Marshmallow guns can be sold but vendors may not give/sell marshmallows with/for the guns on the grounds due to the mess the marshmallows make!

Mail completed application, holdharmless agreement and contract to:

Portage Area Summerfest Craft Show

c/o Francene Barno

1206 Sonman Ave

Portage PA 15946

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Portage Area Summerfest, Inc., an IRS Section 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization